Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara,
Eyelash Extensions in a Bottle

So what is 3D mascara? Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara is one of the latest trends to take the makeup industry by storm. Each set consists of a twin pack of mascara tubes:

  • 1x Transplanting Gel (mostly bees wax)
  • 1x Fiber (mostly green tea fiber)

You apply the transplanting gel to your eyelashes followed by the fiber and then a final coat of transplanting gel to seal the fibers to your lashes. You can repeat this process until you get the desired effect –always ending with the gel to seal the fibers on. This enhances your eyelashes by up to 300%.

  • 2 Minute application
  • Lasts for up to 16 hours
  • Wash off with face wash and water
  • No smudging (no more panda eyes)
  • 100% natural ingredients

Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara vs Eyelash Extensions

When enhancing your look the first thing that you usually think of is long gorgeous eyelashes. Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara or eyelash extensions are the ultimate beauty product—in a short period of time you can dramatically change your look. And with the introduction of Brinea 3D fiber lashes mascara everything has become so much easier!

Eyelash extensions: Two words: “messy glue”

For many people the glues used cause an adverse reaction or infection. Although fake eyelashes look VERY dramatic, they can also look incredibly fake, especially if some of the hairs fall out or if one of them slides to one side. Of course, you might be looking for the glamorous big fake look!

Applying false lashes is very costly and takes up a lot of your time. When you think of false eyelashes there are many negative questions associated with them as to what could go wrong. What if you applied too much glue? When you remove your false eyelashes will you pull some of your real eyelashes out? Will some of the hairs in the false eyelashes fall out just before or during a function? If you apply Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara you would not need to ask these questions!

Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

If you want luscious long thick eyelashes this is the answer. An absolute natural look that is so easy to apply and mess free. Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara comes in a twin pack, with wands which is applied exactly the same as mascara, directly to your lashes. The synthetic fibers attach to lash tips, elongating your natural hairs and bulking up the spaces in between for volume.

Eyelash extensions are very expensive and time-consuming, unlike this new temporary method which lets you apply and wash off every day. Our new enhanced formula allows for extra bulk and length.

Easy Application

Curl your lashes and apply a base coat of your own mascara. These two steps are optional but some people find that it works better for them. Focus only on the upper lash line so that you do not get “clumping”. First apply a coat of gel. Next, apply the fibers to your lashes from mid lash to ends; do not get too close to your eye so that you avoid getting fibers into your eyes. Finish with another coat of gel from the base up to cover your natural lashes and set the fibers. This “waterproofs” your new fake eyelashes.

When you wish to remove your “eyelash extensions” you simply wash off with face wash and water.

100% Natural Ingredients

The Transplanting Gel contains Brazilian palm wax and bee’s wax. This creates the “glue” that the fibers will stick to. It also makes your lashes waterproof after you have applied the fibers and then the gel again to seal the fibers to your lashes. The fibers are comprised of all natural Green Tea fibers. These ingredients are hypoallergenic, and as such can be used by everyone.